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Season 2015

July 29, 2015

Our third trip of the season is on the water right now, enjoying unusually cool temperatures for the Lower Salmon.

As always, our trip with the MOSS Women Outdoors With Science (WOWS) program was superb.  Put together 17 middle school girls with a keen interest in science, 3 guest scientists and three top notch MOSS instructors and it’s an unbeatable combination.

The girls took interest in the natural world around them, asked incredibly insightful questions during our visit to the archaeology dig and were a pleasure to be around.

We followed that up with a two day Guide-In-Training skills development trip to hone our GIT’s river and environmental education skills.  Thanks to Nytashia Allbritton from Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association for coming along and teaching our GITS how to plan interpretive projects.  And to Josh Headrick our GIT coordinator for planning this trip.

We are trying larger trips this season to see how that works.  Right now, a trip of around 24 people total seems ideal–we had a trip of 31 out there and while it is doable, a little smaller seems more manageable.

Nature Discovery

Nature Discovery