Great first trip!

July 14, 2013

Trip 1 is done! And it was a fantastic one. 14 terrific WOWs program participants and three phenomenal MOSS instructors. Check out their trip video: The girls investigated the question of how much hydropower potential the Lower Salmon has in Green Canyon and what the consequences (positive and negative) would be for surrounding communities and the environment f a dam was constructed there.

Pat Griffin and Tofor were our new guides although they are both seasoned veterans. Pat ran a paddle boat and Tofor was on the sticks on the sweep boat. We are glad to have them on board! The next trip launches tomorrow….



June 29, 2013

Wild Science Explorers is busy gearing up for our boating season: we’re working with our second season of guides in training (GITs), revamping our guide manual and coordinating with our participant groups.

MOSS’ WOWS program, the Salmon Surfers, Boys and Girls Club, Taft Elementary School, and Whitney Community Center participants are all joining us on the river this season.

We are excited to welcome back second year GIT Toad and first year GITs Alex and Gillis. Longtime guide and trip leader, Pat Rose will coordinate the GIT program this summer. In addition, first year guides Josh and Lucas recently went through BSU guide training and will bring those skills to WSE.

Two Trips Done!

July 27, 2012


The MOSS WOWS (women outdoors with science) was a fantastic trip–20 great junior high school girls went down the river with us.  Definitely our biggest group ever but one of our best groups ever in terms of getting ready in the morning and helping out in camp.  The girls hiked, snorkeled, visited an active archaeological  dig, saw pictographs and investigated water quality.  

Our guides-in-training (or GITs) Eizaak and Dakota (‘Toad’) were an immense help both in rigging rafts and helping around camp.  Guides Jonathan, Dave, Jessica, Pat, Sara and Leslie either rowed or paddle captained on this WSE 3 day adventure.





Our latest trip was with Whitney Community Center from Boise and TREE club students from Timberline.  Another three day trip but with far fewer kids, this trip had a special feel to it.  Again, we were lucky to have kids participate that were interested in trying everything:  they swam easy rapids, played ammo can tug of war, hiked, fished, explored the canyon environment and swam some more.  We had a great skit nite with guide Brian Reynold’s son Owen stealing the show.

Guides Brian, Luanne, Dick, Leslie and Jonathan worked this trip with Eizaak assisting as the GIT.  Thanks to Ashlie from PCEI and Josh from Whitney Community Center for the activities that they did with the participants.

You know that your guide in training program is a success when Toad shows up at the take-out to help load boats and bring everyone popsicles.  

First Launch!

July 9, 2012

Our first launch is in two days with 20 junior high girls from MOSS participating in WOWS (women outdoors with science). We’ve been busy with prep since this is our largest trip ever, but trip leader Jonathan Ostrow has the trip well-organized so things aren’t frantic. Looking forward to working with our guides in training on this first trip.